Aplicación Interactiva

Azavista proporciona una aplicación interactiva para eventos virtuales que asegura la mejor experiencia de inmersión en línea para los participantes. Con un conjunto de potentes funcionalidades, permite a los planificadores crear eventos que se extienden más allá de una pantalla. La aplicación no sólo se puede utilizar en el escritorio y en el móvil, sino que también es totalmente personalizable para la propia marca de su empresa!

Enrich the value of your event with an app that keeps your attendees engaged throughout the entire experience.

Event planners have complete flexibility of the features that they want to see in the app, so they can truly add value to the event. With an impactful blend of information, engagement, and interaction features, planners better understand what their participants value most.

Increase event engagement

Use extensive insights

Keep participants informed​

Gather relevant feedback

Why is our Engagement app the right choice for you?

Let Azavista Engagement app be your secret weapon to increase interaction with your audience.

Fully branded solution

Quick and effortless setup

Plenty of unique features

Robust planning interface for moderators and speakers

With our solution, event planners can see all of the items of the Engagement app and manage some parts of it such as: approving, declining, or publishing questions, polls, newsfeed posts. Additionally, they have access to extensive data collected from all of the questions asked, polls answered, and similar actions connected to participant and speaker pages. This not only presents great marketing value to an event planner but provides a great level of control over content posted and used on the app.

Modern and intuitive interface for participants

The last thing event planners want is participants starting to use an event app, getting frustrated, and immediately losing interest to continue using it. Azavista engagement app has a modern, clean, and easy to use interface where participants know what to do and where to find the most relevant information. At any point, they see a variety of content pages pushed by moderators, add questions, answer polls, start or comment on newsfeed posts or strat private chats – all within a few clicks.

Azavista Engagement app has all of the features you need to deliver outstanding event experience to your participants

Provide instant messaging capabilities

Enable attendees to interact and engage in real-time with each other by using our chat functionality. Direct messages between attendees foster deeper connections and provide better networking opportunities during your event.

Host better Q&A

Whether public or private, questions are a great way to engage participants. Maximize the effectiveness of this feature by letting participants like questions and deciding which questions they’d most like
to discuss.

Get instant feedback with
real-time polling

With our app, moderators and speakers can publish different types of polls. Participants can answer all the published polls and immediately see results. Event planners can later see and export detailed results of each and/or all polls with our interface.

Encourage conversations and
interactions with our newsfeed

We made sure that the app makes it easy for participants to share interesting content and socialize with one another. The Newsfeed is a section of the app where you can generate interactive experiences by letting participants, speakers, and moderators post
and discuss topics.

Gain valuable insights with an
advanced reporting dashboard

The reporting section allows planners to select default reports or create custom ones, such as information about participants, the number of questions published, approved, declined, liked, among others. These reports can be shared internally, exported and custom branded for alignment with organization branding.

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